Ngwathe Local Municipality

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Other (2019-03-24 06:26)

There's a container park in Parys that was created for ngwathe smme businesses on the 28 March 2018 but in a year most of the containers are unoccupied and the ones occupied are hardly open for...

41 Bree Street, Parys, FS, 9585, South Africa

Street lighting (2019-01-08 22:04)

The streetlights are not working. Also most of the lights down Allenby road. Extremely dark at night.

1 3rd Avenue, Parys, FS, 9585, South Africa

Sewerage (2019-01-08 22:01)

Drain/sewerage are blocked on pavement corner of 3rd and Allenbystreet. Several drains/sewerage holes are blocked down Allenby Street and several drains are without lids. Your assistance are highly...

1 3rd Avenue, Parys, FS, 9585, South Africa

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