Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality

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Street lighting (2019-08-12 14:56)

The street lights in front of 36 Tosca street are not working, they are ON for a few minutes and then OFF are again. Its been about 2 weeks now.

36 Tosca Street, Amalinda Nature Reserve & Summer Pride North, East London, EC, 5247, South Africa

Street lighting (2019-04-12 09:59)

Street lights from the beacon bay life health hospital down towards the daily dispatch offices have not been working for a few weeks now.

Quenera Drive, Beacon Bay North, East London, EC, 5205, South Africa

Street lighting (2019-01-08 14:38)

Street Light not working outside No 86.

86 Fifteenth Avenue, Gonubie, East London, EC, 5256, South Africa

Street lighting (2018-12-30 22:10)

Street light works for an hour then is off for two hours (light on corner of chilton place and harold crecent)

1 Chiltern Place, Beacon Bay North, East London, EC, 5205, South Africa

Road (2018-03-16 12:01)

Extremely Very bad road need to get fixed

Unnamed Road, EC, South Africa

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