Potholes met its match...

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Reporting a pothole has never been easier. A private initiative has launched an easy to use mobile site to quickly and anonymously report any pothole or other road or storm water related fault.

Aptly called Ogaats.co.za they are now routing your report directly to the correct department, allowing you to go on with your life. Ogaats uses location based data as well as a picture taken with your camera phone to directly notify the correct department responsible for the fault in that particular area. Ogaats takes away any guesswork that may exist and making the process totally transparent to the public.

All you need is a camera phone and the Internet. There is no need to download a mobile App or even register. The focus is on you, the public and therefore it should not take you more than 30 sec. to complete your report.

Ogaats.co.za is currently available for the whole of the Western Cape, but plan to go national soon.