Frequently Asked Questions

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We maintain a database of fault reporting email addresses for the various municipalities of South Africa. In some cases this might be a single contact person while in other cases different fault types may be associated with different addresses.

When you report a fault on Ogaats we use your fault location and fault type to determine the applicable municipality. The fault report is then emailed to the appropriate contact person.

We do not have any dedicated mobile apps. Our website is supported on mobile browsers on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

If our website does not work properly on your device, let us know using the contact form.

Nothing. Ogaats is mahala.

We need to ensure that the fault report is valid before we can forward it to the municipality. Usually this will take no more than 24 hours.

You can vote for a fault by using the sharing features of Facebook and Twitter. We keep voting totals for each fault report and once a week we will send a report to each municipality with the top voted faults.

In this way the public can decide on what the most pressing faults are and we will keep the municipalities informed.

Yes. We support all the municipalities in South Africa.

Our website provides a feedback facility where the municipality and public may post any feedback on a fault. This will be sent to all involved parties automatically.

In the case where your fault report has not received feedback after a while, we suggest you get in contact with the municipality directly. We supply an Ogaats reference number for each fault reported on this website and all our email communication include this number. The contact details for a specific fault will be displayed alongside it.

Please note that we do not provide feedback on faults ourselves. It is up to the municipality to provide feedback and where they do not, the reporter must follow up.

We are constantly looking for better municipal contact details to send fault reports to. If the contact details displayed with your fault report is not accurate, you can suggest better details by using the Assist us by supplying more up-to-date contact details here. link on the fault report page.

Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions, let us know using the contact form.