Fault report: Ingwe Local Municipality / Pothole (2020-09-23 10:25)

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This fault was reported to the following municipality:

Ingwe Local Municipality
Contact number: 
039 833 1038

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Ogaats fault reference: 
This fault is open.
Reported to Ogaats date: 
2020-09-23 10:25
Fault type: 
Pothole Edit
Fault description:  Edit

On 4th September we were travelling through Bulwer on the R617 and hit a pothole which damaged out tyre (we just put new tyres in May 2020). There was a SUV in front of us and they went thru the pothole easily without me having time to see the pothole in the middle of the road. The area was not safe for us to stop and take a picture of the pothole and honestly at that time we didn’t even think of that The nearest tyre centres in Underberg were Super quick and TYRES & MORE) did not have run flat tyres. We had to replace our tyre with a non run flat tyre and then come home and get a run flat. I wish to claim for:

• The replacement of a non run flat tyre which I had to do in order to continue driving our car : amount of R1210 from Supa Quik Underberg
• The replacement of my run flat tyre: R820 (since I had put the tyre in May only they changed me 55% of the price Royal Tyres ( if you need a contact person: mandy@royaltyres.co.za Tel: 031 303 2933 )

Last reported to municipality date: 
2020-09-23 10:25
-29.795839800000, 29.773234700000
Fault Location: 
Address:  Edit
Enkwelaba Ntwana
South Africa

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