Fault report: Mogale City Local Municipality / Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) (2020-03-25 08:41)

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This fault was reported to the following municipality:

Mogale City Local Municipality
Contact number: 
086 166 0500

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Ogaats fault reference: 
This fault is open.
Reported to Ogaats date: 
2020-03-25 08:41
Fault type: 
Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) Edit
Fault description:  Edit

We have a water leak that is getting worse by the day it can't be from our water meter because if we close the tap on the meter the leak is still there. It must be the pipe that runs past the house. We have been reporting this leak for months now and still nothing, once someone showed and fiddled with our meter but before we could approach him he left and no one ever since this is ridiculous are we not in a drought why does no one care please all we want is for this leak to be fixed hopefully before the national lockdown.

Last reported to municipality date: 
2020-03-25 08:41
-26.094740000000, 27.751710000000
Fault Location: 
Address:  Edit
15 Gould Street
Krugersdorp West, Krugersdorp
South Africa

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