Fault report: City of Cape Town [WC] / Refuse removal (2019-01-02 17:13)

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This fault was reported to the following municipality:

City of Cape Town [WC]
Contact number: 
0860 103 089
021 400 1111

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Ogaats fault reference: 
This fault is open.
Reported to Ogaats date: 
2019-01-02 17:13
Fault type: 
Refuse removal Edit
Fault description:  Edit

No refuse collection!!!!
The streets are littered with refuse, maggots, flies and waste!!!!!
5.11pm NO COLLECTION!!!!!!
Who is responsible for this function!!!

Last reported to municipality date: 
2019-01-02 17:13
-33.940917948791, 18.424722763394
Fault Location: 
Address:  Edit
48 Davenport Road
Cape Town
South Africa

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