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Press release: Potholes met its match...
Persverklaring: Ogaats ‘n slaggat

Ogaats.co.za sponsored by MetChips.co.za as part of its Corporate Social Investment project.

Ogaats.co.za enables individuals to report municipal faults in the form of potholes and the likes, through advanced technology designed to simplify the process both for the public and the municipality which services the public.

Visiting Ogaats.co.za using a camera phone, anyone can take a picture of the fault and submit it in less than 30 seconds. The incident is automatically routed to the correct municipality.


Ogaats.co.za is for South African citizens to play a role in caring for our environment. The municipality has a better chance of responding promptly and accurately while saving time and money. Ogaats.co.za will provide a clear notification of the fault. Our aim is to simplify your life, ensure collaboration between government and its people and encourage excellent public service.